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Updated: Nov 15, 2022

So the reason Mucky Me was born was because my son and I were always out and about ''GettingMucky'' especially with the great British weather. Currently we aren't displaying any what i would call ''mucky'' products however they are in the making. But these things need perfecting ;)

So in the meantime since we are out and about every weekend i decided to review these places in hope to give you all a little insight into some cool or not so cool places in Surrey, Berkshire and sometimes a little further.

Now I may have plenty of business knowledge and may be well educated in my field however, my SPAG as we call in in teaching is something that most defiantly leaves little to be desired. So please no haters in the spelling and grammar area.

So lets get started. Please feel free to comment, ask for review of places or products and we will do our best to give our feedback.

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