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Tonie VS Yoto - Which one did you buy?

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Happy New Year everyone. We are late to posting due to some exciting things in the making. However i wanted to tell you all about the research and our amazing find for this Christmas.

Lets talk The amazing two variations of last year's must have story boxes.

I was so confused about which one might be right for my 4 year old I must have read 60000000 reviews on each of them.


Tonie Box

This was my initial choice with the amazing array of Tonie figures. Each figures is beautifully made and incorporated the features of each character so well. Without stating the obvious each character tells the story from the book. They click on top of the box and Boom your off.

Each of the little ears allow you to change the chapter or volume accordingly. A robust padded little box perfect for those not so careful toddler hands.

This could endure some serious throwing and unlikely to break. The Tonie require a phone and wifi set up so you can manage it from your phone. You download the app and can manage setting etc from there.

Each Tonie is automatically downloaded once placed on top of the box. (a Fab feature in case your little ones misplace them). You can also add content from downloading directly online.

The other feature you have is to ''create your own'' figures by recording your own voice or perhaps a favourite family member. This Tonie Box is very simple to use and I would say anyone from2.5 years and older could use it.

At present the Tonie Box is priced at £69.95

Figures - Vary but approx. £14.99


Yoto Player

The Yoto player was something I found a little after my first knowledge of these amazing little boxes. So initially the look of these aren't as colourful however after my research I found these are great for that extra features they have added. Same features in terms of buttons only the Yoto has bright orange buttons rather than ears. The Yoto has also a pixelated screen on the front which is great as it shows the images of stories and changes within each chapter. The Yoto works with cards rather than figures and to be honest at first I knew my son would love the figures more however after reading how robust the cards were and that for storage reasons they were easier to carry when travelling etc I decided perhaps the cards were not such a bad idea.

Each card comes with pre loaded stories and the selection is great. They have bumper packs with multiple as well as learning cards. Much like the you can also get blank ones to record yourself. The Yoto also work similarly as it has an app and welcome card to get you started. All stories download to the app once inserted and they are changeable from the app on your phone.

Extra Features

This is where the Yoto sold me. They have some amazing features. Lets look at the pixel screen. Not only does this display the time but it also doubles up with their learning cards to display letters. The Yoto box prompts children to trace letters when using there learning cards. A feature my son thoroughly enjoyed. The Yoto also offers a podcast and radio that children can adjust and select independently.

Additionally you can replace the grow clock with the Yoto feature that is included and changeable from the app. Flip the box on its side and as you can see from the picture it has a coloured glow to it. You can select the colour for night time and morning time which makes for a pleasant replacement to the grow clock. For us the clock clock was becoming very much disliked. However this gave a great refresh to the idea. I love the fact its nice and easy to change on your phone.

At present the Yoto is £79.99

Cards vary but approx. £6.00-£8.00. Please note they do lots of bundle packs and from experience these are worth it.

What the Verdict ?

In my opinion the Yoto player wins for us. Each family needs are different and each have their benefits however for us the Yoto player has been well received and used daily.

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