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Wellington Country Park - One of our favourites !!!!

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

This place is awesome....... We love it. It has so many amazing element and can be enjoyed from babies through to older kids. The food is pretty awesome to. Where do we begin ......... I am going to list the areas and hope i don't forget any parts.

So when you first come in on the right hand side you have your first little play area with ride on trucks for the littlies. Also a great place for a picnic and always i find a bit quieter.


Then we have the quads. These are great but you do have to be 4 years old, or if under be able to ride with a sibling *these are additional cost and tickets on entry


Next the jumping pillow and FREE of charge. Great for all ages and surrounded by sand for a soft roll off :)


Further to this you can take whichever route you wish but on the right is a huge adventure playground suited for older kids. My son is 4 and can just about do it all.

All areas have wood chip below


Further on to this you have our favourite. The train ride. This is also an *additional cost* but we love it. All the way round you have the letters of the alphabet. Each section has something different to scream WOW at. Little construction areas, followed by a dino area and even a fairyland section surrounded by little animals along the way. Not forgetting the tunnels ''Don't forget to scream as you go through''.


Beyond the train ride it does feel like its just a walk round the lake however further down you will find the little farm. Please note they sell food on entry *at an additional cost. Watch the goats they eat bags whoopppsss !!! no goat was harmed in our visit thank god !!!

Back round to the other side of the park you have an amazing play area escalating the hill with slides and rope walking bridge. Don't run down the hill unless you want to literally roll all the way and land in a pile at the bottom !!!! its steeper than it looks :)


Next up is the newest addition ............... The splashpad. We have experienced this on a cold day with pants only (my son that is) and its such a good little pad. Perfect for babies and toddler.


Walk a little further and enter into the dinosaur display including all your favourite and a huge t rex. Accompanied with sounds and little information boards. Its an informative and great experience but shhhhhhhh don't wake the sleeping dino round the corner.


The end bit of the park is a lovely wooden play area and great for smaller toddlers and new walkers. Little fairy house and mushroom houses with picnic benches and plenty of space for the kids to run.


Lets talk food. Wellington food is amazing and a variation of hot and cold and i am sure even alcohol for those wanting a little tipple. There are also several ice cream places dotted around.


That just about sums Wellington up. Just a final point id that they offer themed weekends which are amazing. We visited on pirate and dino weekend and its a really fun vibe around the place.

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